Injustice For All – A Harper Ross Legal Thriller

Written by Rachel Sinclair
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Harper is assigned another high-profile case, as 18-year-old Darnell Williams is accused of killing a Kansas City Police Officer. At first, this seems like just another dead dog case that Harper would end up pleading out. But as she gets deeper into the specifics of the case, she realizes that she has stumbled into something much, much bigger. She ends up being warned to back off, or face disciplinary charges of her own. But the more she is brushed back, the more intrigued she becomes. She becomes convinced that a true injustice is being perpetrated on her client and she must fight the system to prove his innocence.

With the fast-pace that you’ve come to expect with a Harper Ross Legal Thriller, Injustice for All is a book that is not to be missed!



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