I Won’t Quit (Teaching Perseverance Book 1)

Written by Danny McGill

Perseverance is critical for happiness and success.

And parents, guardians, and mentors play an important role in teaching kids how to persevere.

With the help of “I Won’t Quit”, you and your child can work together to explore how even the most daunting challenges can be navigated with a little creativity… and a lot of determination.

Help the child in your life build confidence, conviction, and a can-do attitude

With fun and silly pictures, and a simple but positive message, “I Won’t Quit” teaches children about their very own superpower.

The power to persevere.

“I Won’t Quit” is the first book in the Teaching Perseverance series.


The Teaching Perseverance Books

Book One: I Won’t Quit

Book Two: I Will Face My Fears May 2018

Book Three: I’ll Figure It Out Fall 2018

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