How to Write Your Own Anime Stories, volume one (The Anime Artist Collection Book 1)

Written by Trenton Thompson
Category: · Arts & Photography

THE Number One Book on Anime Storytelling!

Do you want to write amazing anime stories? Learn how with the first volume of the renowned Anime Artists Collection, How to Write Your Own Anime Stories, volume one!

In this all-encompassing, in-depth anime book you’ll learn everything you need in order to write powerful and engaging anime scripts from beginning to end!

You’ll be guided in learning how to…
– Generate story ideas using one of 17 different brainstorming methods to create your own anime story concept.
– Find your audience by identifying and articulating your target audience.
– Utilize the Eight Elements of Storytelling: Concept, Plot, Conflict, Structure, Characters, Theme, Scenes and Dialogue.
– Write an animated short or feature-length script using the step-by-step guide in Chapter 5.
– Study the pros by reading film breakdowns of popular anime short and feature films from legendary anime filmmakers such as Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, Mamoru Hosoda, Shinichiro Watanabe, Makoto Shinkai and many more!

Packed with everything you need to make your best anime story, this fully comprehensive guidebook is the perfect anime book companion for writing manga, anime short films and feature-length anime movies. Take your writing skills to the next level with the first volume of the highly anticipated Anime Artists Collection, “How to Write Your Own Anime Stories”.



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