How to Write Your Irresistible Home Page in 7 Simple Steps: Your Blueprint to Website Home Page Content that Converts Visitors into Leads & Clients (How to Write… Book 3)

Written by Tammi Metzler
Category: · Business & Money

Discover the 7-Step Blueprint for Writing Sizzling Home Page Copy that Grabs the Attention of Website Visitors & Gets Them Fired Up to Join Your Mailing List, Request a Consult, and Buy Your Products/Services!
Whether you have an existing website that’s drawing zero responses from website visitors or are just publishing a new site and need knock-their-socks-off content to fill your web pages, this in-depth book will answer the questions:
“What on earth do I write on my website’s all-important home page to inspire visitors to join my newsletter list or request a consult?”
“How do I transfer the passion and enthusiasm I feel when talking about what I do, not to mention my unique style and glowing personality, into web writing that gets my ideal clients pumped to work with me (instead of boring them to tears)?”
Perfect for business/website owners who:
• Cringe at the thought of sending prospective clients to your website (“my web copy is so not ME!”)
• Are baffled as to why more of your website visitors aren’t signing up for your newsletter or requesting a consult
• Break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of sitting down to write (or re-write) the copy for your website
• Are intrigued by the idea of actually using your website to help grow your business

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside the pages of How to Write Your Irresistible Home Page:
• The 7 simple yet powerful steps to writing a website home page that converts passive, ho-hum readers into hot leads and eager-to-buy clients (most websites get this WRONG – and miss out on the chance to serve 100’s or 1000’s of potential clients each and every month)
• A simple formula to help you communicate why YOU have the solutions your prospects are hungry for (and for which they will pay handsomely!)
• How to hook visitors’ interest in 3 seconds or less – so they’ll stick around to take you up on your offers (both free AND paid!)
• 13 ways to convert otherwise passive website visitors into hot leads and paying clients
• An exercise to help you grab the attention of just-passing-by visitors in 3 seconds or less
• Top 10 headline formulas that stand the test of time
• How to use Power Words to make your website content sizzle
• How to choose a memorable domain name
• 3 steps to finding the hottest benefits your business offers to get potential clients off the fence and into action (joining your list and/or buying your goods)
• Two ways to get website visitors to call you for a consultation
• A simple yet effective call-to-action formula to help you get more results from your website content

This isn’t just theory here, either – you’ll get step-by-step instructions and actionable exercises to help you apply each step to your own irresistible website home page.

Tammi Metzler, Chief Copywriter and founder of The Write Associate, is a self-professed “word geek.” She loves playing with words to find just the right combination to move readers into action.



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