How to Write Seductive Web Copy: An Easy Guide to Picking Up More Customers

Written by Henneke Duistermaat
Category: · Business & Money

Want to Entice More Web Visitors to Buy From You?

Are you umming and ahhing about what to write on your home page? And you’re struggling to decide what should go on your about page?

How to Write Seductive Web Copy takes the stress out of your copywriting. This practical book takes you through a step-by-step process to write your own website texts.

You can use this guide to write copy for your new website or to update existing web copy.

This book doesn’t just tell you how to write, it also helps you decide what to write. It has been described as probably the most practical guide you can find about writing web copy.

A 6-Step Process for Writing Persuasive Web Copy

Take a structured approach to writing your web copy; and ensure you don’t miss any important sales messages. This guide explains six steps for writing web copy that sells:

  1. Make your copy persuasive by describing your ideal reader
  2. Create a comprehensive list of features and benefits; highlight the problems you solve for your customers
  3. Write an enticing value proposition
  4. Decide how many web pages you require and write a first draft
  5. Edit your draft copy to make it more appealing, engaging, and persuasive
  6. Optimize your web text to seduce search engines to send you more web visitors

Each chapter includes one or two assignments. You can plan, write, edit, and optimize your web copy while reading this book.

Want to Write More Persuasive Copy? And Turn More Web Visitors Into Customers?

How to Write Seductive Web Copy also includes:

  • 6 web copy mistakes you must avoid
  • Templates and examples of good headlines
  • 3 simple techniques for writing more persuasive copy
  • Tips on taking away objections to buying from you
  • A 26-step editing check list to supercharge your web copy

This is NOT a stuffy, lengthy text book. All information is straightforward and written in plain English. This guide is easy to read and fun.

Why a Book Specifically About Web Copy?

Writing for the web is different from writing for print. Web visitors are usually in a hurry. They glance at your web pages before deciding whether to click back or not.
Your web copy needs to entice “scanners” to start reading; and then it needs to persuade readers to get in touch with you, to sign up for your e-newsletter, or to buy from you. That’s exactly what this guide helps you to do: Learn how to write copy that converts web visitors into business leads.

Ready to start writing web copy that sells?

You don’t need any copywriting or marketing experience to benefit from the advice in this book. Use this guide to improve existing web pages or to create seductive copy for new web pages.
This guide helps you to plan, write, edit, and optimize your website copy. It helps you to write web copy that converts web visitors into business leads and customers.

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