How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music

Written by George Goodrich
Category: · Arts & Photography

Ever wonder how to get your music onto a Spotify Playlist? Gain millions of streams, make money and gain attention from labels and talent buyers? Look no further! The Slotify Method is a actionable guide that will show you step by step how to up your Spotify game and win thousands of new fans. Music business entrepreneur George Goodrich has done extensive research to show the various methods that major label groups are using to get their artists onto Spotify Playlists. Get Slotted, Get Paid and Get Noticed!


-Why Spotify is the best platform for independent artists right now.
-How to setup your Spotify Artist profile and easily get it verified.
-Best practices for pitching your music to Spotify.
-The underground services utilized by Universal Music Group and Warner Music.
-How to find and connect with Spotify Playlist curators.
-What to do after your track is on a playlist and how to get on many more.
-How getting on playlists can result in millions of streams, bookings, record label deals and, thousands of dollars in your pocket.



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