How to Read Guitar Tablature: A Complete Guide to Reading Guitar Tab and Performing Modern Guitar Techniques (Essential Guitar Methods)

Written by Joseph Alexander
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A Comprehensive Guide to Reading Tablature for Guitar

Learn to read guitar tab perfectly, today!

Guitar tablature has been around since the 15th century, but as guitar playing has evolved, so has the way we read, write and perform modern techniques. This book is a comprehensive guide to reading guitar tab and covers every modern technique used on guitar.

Learn to read guitar tab… perfectly!

  • Have you ever found guitar tab and transcriptions confusing to follow?
  • Would you like a straightforward guide to reading guitar music that both explains and illustrates every technique?
  • Do you need a handy reference guide of every modern electric guitar technique?

Rather than a cold glossary of terms, How to Read Guitar Tablature contains tips, insights and over 90 recorded musical examples that demonstrate the techniques in action.

You won’t find a more complete or practical guide!

What you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of reading guitar tab
  • How to recognise & play every type of bend, slide, slur and vibrato
  • How to play picking hand directions & legato
  • How to read & perform strumming patterns
  • How to read modern rock techniques such as rakes, sweeps & taps
  • Articulation & dynamics
  • Performance of natural, pinched, artificial & harp harmonics
  • Exciting whammy bar techniques

Bonus: As well as whole chapters dedicated to performing each guitar technique, How to Read Guitar Tablature includes a comprehensive section dedicated to understanding the often confusing structural directions in music, such as repeat signs, similes, volta brackets Da Capo al Fine, codas and more!

How to Read Guitar Tablature is the ideal music stand companion and gig bag essential. Never be confused again by the odd signs and abbreviations that appear in tab, and expand your technique repertoire as you learn.

Here’s what you get:

  • An easy reference guide covering every aspect of reading tab for guitar
  • A guide to executing modern guitar techniques
  • 90 Studio quality audio examples so you can hear how each technique should sound

Hear guitar tab in action:

How to Read Guitar Tab includes free recorded audio performances of every technique in the book. Don’t just learn to read tab on guitar, hear it and play it right, every time.

Buy it now and learn to read guitar tab fluently like a pro!



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