How to Flunk Magic (The Magical Misadventures of Emily Rand Book 1)

Written by Stella Wilkinson

It was your typical sixteenth birthday… Until all spell broke loose!

Cool party? Check. Boy of my dreams? Check. First kiss? Not so fast.

Because that’s when I discovered I was a witch. And not a very good one.

Just ask Peter, the ghost I can now see haunting my bedroom, or the zombies I accidentally raised from their graves.

And then there’s Fletch.




And he wants me to lift his curse.

Am I ready for this? No.

Do I hesitate? No.

Does it go well? Big fat No!

And now, instead of being at the party, I’m dancing naked on the town common with a coven of witches and my new familiar, in a race against time to put things right.

Sounds crazy. Is crazy. But I kinda heart crazy…

Author note: 2018 Edition. Previously released as Halloween Magic & Mayhem. It has now been considerably altered and expanded. Please check you have not already bought this book if you do not want the updated edition.



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