How to Draw Manga: Mastering Manga Drawings (How to Draw Manga Girls, Eyes, Scenes for Beginners) (How to Draw Manga, Mastering Manga Drawings)

Written by Andrew Harnes
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Master The Art Of Manga In Days!

A book that will speed up your learning process in drawing!

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Are you a fan of Manga art? Is drawing your hobby? Do you find that drawing is your talent, and you want to improve your skills? Do you want to make it a profession and make a career out of becoming a Manga artist?

Well buckle up because TODAY we will dive in to a whole lot of fun while we help you improve your skills!

How to Draw a Manga Character will help you achieve your goals as an artist. Whether you like to simply draw one character, or even make a comic book out of it, this will definitely make drawing easier for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:

  • Materials When You’re Starting Out
  • The Fundamental Elements of Art
  • Practice Warm-ups before You Start
  • Techniques on How to Draw Facial Features
  • Drawing the Face in Different Angles
  • How to Draw Different Hair Styles
  • Using the Anatomy Model to Draw the Body–Hands, Trunk and Legs
  • Drawing your Characters in Action
  • Designing your Character Clothes, Accessories and Shoes
  • This book is very easy to follow and illustrates different images that will serve as your guide in making the very basic shapes to finally drawing images that you desire. With a whole lot of practice and the right tools on hand, you would be good to go!

    When it comes to drawing, patience and hard work is needed. In the book: How to Draw a Manga Character everything is brought down to its simplest form so that learning is more convenient and enjoyable!

    So grab your own copy NOW and don’t forget to scroll up! Look for the “BUY” Button to download.

    Have fun!



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