How to Draw: 25 Amazing Lessons for Learning How to Draw

Written by Joe Wagner
Category: · Arts & Photography

There’s no denying that traditional hand drawing is more difficult than digital drawing, but there’s also no denying that traditional drawing isn’t impossible either. One should always learn how to draw traditionally before moving on to digital drawing or even painting.

If you would agree with that statement, then this book is perfect for you. We will explore a number of different tutorials, tips, and strategies that you can use to your advantage to improve your drawing process. Most of these tips are meant for beginners who are relatively new for drawing, but others will be good for intermediate drawers as well.

But what’s really neat about these tips is that you can use them for any style or genre of drawing that you like. Regardless of whether you prefer quick sketches, colored drawings, character sketches, comic book style, or even simple doodles, you should find that the lessons in this book will help you to improve your art as whole.

All that you need to do is turn the page and begin reading, and all twenty five of these amazing lessons will be for you to learn and enjoy.

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