How To Analyze People: The Guide You Need To Read Instantly Human Behaviour, Body Language, Personality Types Using Psychological Techniques, Emotional Intelligence And Empath Attitude

Written by Bradley Jay Rogers
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“Every human is different, but not so different that you cannot understand what makes them who they are.”

How to Analyze People, is a guide to understand people and human behavior leading to more fruitful relationships and business affiliations.

It is said that 80% of our communication is non-verbal, that is from the movements of the body and each person gives out what they are thinking through these movements, though they might say something else. Reading the body language is the key to reading people.
With science, we have come to a point where we can divide people into categories. Yes, each human is different, and everyone acts differently, but understanding the common traits helps you categorize and relate different people. Understanding the people is not only the way to have a better social life, but a way to climb the corporate ladder speedily and have smooth relationships.

The book guides the readers about:

  • The Benefits of Analyzing People
  • The Basics of Human Psychology
  • How Childhood Experiences Shape Personalities
  • How to Analyze People Through the Choice of Words
  • Tips on Reading and Understanding Body Language
  • How to Determine Different Types of Personalities
  • Lots of Illustrative Examples

With the expertise of the author in the subject, illustrative examples in the book and real-life application “get unfair advantage” over people.



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