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Horses Interactive Books – Kindle Unlimited For Kids 9-12

Our interactive books make learning new stuff fun and easy. Learn all about horses in the games for Kindle series. Who says learning can’t be fun for all?

Hay, all you horse lovers out there, join Freddie as she gallops around the globe in search of fun facts about pets

These quiz books will keep you entertained as you guess the answers to dozens of quiz questions about horses. Here’s how this trivia game works. Pick the correct answer and you advance to the next question, wrong answers give you another chance to guess again.

During car trips, at the airport or waiting in the doctor’s office these Kindle active content games will keep children busy, but more important they will learn about their beloved pets.

These are not just kid’s games, but are really designed for children of all ages. The quizzes are easy enough for children, as well as fun for adults.

Looking for fun family activities? Spend quality time playing with this family quiz book. Let your son or daughter read the question while Mom and Dad take turns answering. Be prepared for hysterical laughter if you pick the wrong answer.

The picture book about horses comes with an active table of contents for easy navigation. Even download and play interactive games for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here is a sample of what you’ll learn, do you know if these facts are true?

Mr. Ed the talking horse could drive a car
Miniature horses are not really horses
White horses only exist in our imagination

All trivia questions are illustrated with full-color pictures. In this children’s horse book you will enjoy beautiful pictures of horses and ponies that delight the eye and brain teasers to stimulate learning.

Have fun with bonus features like horse humor and amazing videos. So pack your saddlebags, saddle up and let’s explore the wonderful world of mustangs, broncos and horses together in Freddie’s reading games for kids on Kindle.



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