Written by JACK WEST
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HOLLYWOOD WHISPERS – HOLLYWOOD SECRETS & HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP SCOOP are collections of interesting celebrity gossip. There is really no other way to put it except we like to know the antics, shortcomings and behavior of celebrities, and that is gossiping.
We read their biographies and turn to take note when there is some new rumor about a screen idol’s romance. We go to their movies and concerts or watch them on television. After all, why should we care about a movie star marriage or famous people and their divorces? It has always been this way.
Before movies, television and radio, people would gather, hundreds deep, under the balconies of royal castles in Europe to catch a glimpse of the style and color of the queen’s or a princess’s new gown.
Why would the National Enquirer sell 1,100,000 copies per week, because people love to search for the famous face of their idol and a rising star on the pages? Why are most British newspapers presented in a tabloid style because celebrity bios and dirt on the superstar sells? It always has and likely always will be fascinating fodder. Smart or not and like it or not we measure our lives against theirs. Would we do the same and make the same choices? If we were the celeb with all that money and power would we throw the same tantrums or dip our toes in the drug bucket? What if you were the target of all the attention?
In 2008 Wesley Snipes was sentenced to prison for three years for failing to file his federal income tax returns, and he become inmate #4355-018. Why was that interesting because every April 15th we remember that we do not want to follow in Wesley Snipes footsteps? We must file our tax returns, and he should have filed his as well.
When Brad Pitt became a cheating husband breaking Jennifer Aniston’s heart and making Angelina Jolie the other woman, it held the public’s attention. Why, because at one time or another we have all experienced the trifecta of life. We have been broken hearted or been the cheater or cheated upon. We probably consider our lives mundane because we are not they, but being “them” comes with burdens. Imagine if you were constantly being watched and scrutinized and some troll wanted nothing more than to click the photo of you in your birthday suit?
Gossip is interesting not exclusively for the juicy details but for the personal ethics of those movie and TV celebrities who have, against all odds, achieved stardom and fame. It’s a diversion, and we a bit like peeping Toms but we are also learning more about ourselves, and where those lines in the sand must be drawn and should never be crossed.



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