Highland Revenge (Fated Hearts Book 1)

Written by Ceci Giltenan
Category: · Romance

A 35,000 word novella, originally published in the collection, Highland Winds, The Scrolls of Cridhe Volume 1.

Does he hate her clan enough to visit his vengeance on her? Or will he listen to her secret and his own heart’s yearning?

Hatred lives and breathes between medieval clans who often don’t remember why feuds began in the shadowed past.

But Eoin MacKay remembers.

He will never forget how he was treated by Bhaltair MacNicol—the acting head of Clan MacNicol. He was lucky to escape alive, and vows to have revenge.
Years later, as laird of Clan MacKay, he gets his chance when he captures Lady Fiona MacNicol. His desire for revenge is strong but he is beguiled by his captive.

Can he forget his stubborn hatred long enough to listen to the secret she has kept for so long? And once he knows the truth, can he show her she is not alone and forsaken? In the end, is he strong enough to fight the combined hostilities and age-old grudges that demand he give her up?

Highland Revenge is a romance. It contains a mildly explicit description of a wedding night and the next morning. If you prefer either more or less steam you might be disappointed.



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