HEROES’ HILL: A Short Look Back at The Best of Khe Sanh

Written by Robert F. Burgess
Category: · History

This almost 10,000 word short story is a quick look back at a few highlights from the 77-day battle to save Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War in 1967. No one would imagine that there could be any humorous events happening when you are fighting for your life, but there were two or three of them. Marine Barry Fixler’s fall from a helicopter might not seem funny except to the Vietnamese soldier waiting to see him go splat and all he did was bounce, bounce, bounce. And he lived! Absolutely true.

None of these stories will ever make it into the military history books, so here they are. They are all true and came straight out of memoirs of those who fought that nightmarish battle. If the chapter titled Mannion’s Birthday Bash doesn’t make you at least feel fuzzy warm inside for the poor fellow, then maybe reading about the unusual gift a guy got in a letter from his girlfriend will at least cheer you up a bit. It sure did for the rest of his buddies!



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