Henry VIII And His Court [Illustrated]

Written by Louise Muhlbach

Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.

I. Choosing a Confessor
II. The Queen and her Friend
III. King Henry the Eighth
IV. King by the Wrath of God
V. The Rivals
VI. The Intercession
VII. Henry the Eighth and his Wives
VIII. Father and Daughter
IX. Lendemain
X. The King’s Fool
XI. The Ride
XII. The Declaration
XIII. “Le Roi s’ennuit”
XIV. The Queen’s Friend
XV. John Heywood
XVI. The Confidant
XVII. Gammer Gurton’s Needle
XVIII. Lady Jane
XIX. Loyola’s General
XX. The Prisoner
XXI. Princess Elizabeth
XXII. Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
XXIII. Brother and Sister
XIV. The Queen’s Toilet



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