Hellfire: A Dan Roy Thriller (The Dan Roy Series 0)

Written by Mick Bose
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Meet Dan Roy – a black ops warrior who is the only hope of stopping a secret weapon from falling into enemy hands

“A new hero to rival Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp!”

Dan Roy is an elite black ops soldier. His life is a never ending spectrum of action. Just back from a mission, he learns of another in Afghanistan.
A CIA team is trapped inside a compound in Afghanistan. A compound with a terrifying secret.
Dan is told to extract the team, and their valuable asset. Dan knows there is more to it than that.
Way more.
Compromised from the very beginning, Dan fights his bloody way into the compound.
Now, he is surrounded by the enemy. There is no escape.
As Dan discovers the secrets the compound holds, the enemy draws closer to the gates.
Soon they will be climbing over, and Dan and his team will be butchered alive.
As the noose gets tighter Dan realizes he might be on the last mission of his life…
Can Dan get out alive with the CIA team, and protect the compound`s secrets?
Find out in this high octane thriller that reviewers are raving about. If you like Baldacci, Lee Child and Jason Bourne, you will love Dan Roy.

“A thrill ride from page to page. Read it now!” Kelly Watley

Introducing black ops warrior Dan Roy in this nail biting thriller novella, as a prequel to the full novel Hidden Agenda, being released shortly.
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