Heavenward: Dark fantasy on Celestial Lore (Celestial Creatures Book 1)

Written by Olga Gibbs

With the power to end the world, would you protect humanity when it broke you or would you take revenge?

Meet Ariel: a quiet, unnoticeable girl with an incredible gift…

Ariel never had an easy or pleasant life, but the arrival of three gorgeous strangers meant her measured life is turned upside down, as she discovers that angels exist.
Now against her will, she’s drawn into an ancient celestial conflict, where her powers will decide the fate of humanity.
Deceived, threatened, hunted and now on the run, who can she trust?

It’s fantastically written using highly descriptive language throughout allowing me to feel like I was transported into the story – I could almost smell and feel what the characters are experiencing. (Book blogger)
However, from the first chapter I found this book scarily addicting. I just wanted more. I was consumed and intrigued. I didn’t know where it was going or what was going to happen and was pleasantly surprised. (Book blogger)
Once I’m started, I just can’t stop myself from reading it and almost constantly think about it while awake, torturing me. Stranger to this genre, I wasn’t aware this book would make my heart race so much and that my little imagination wheels in my brain would be on fire! (Book blogger)
Holy, that was great…I’m speechless by how amazing the story is. (Book blogger)
Heavenward by Olga Gibbs was an interesting read. I thought the idea was brilliant. I have not read that many books dealing with angels but I find that I enjoy them. Gibbs took the story of the angels and definitely put her own spin on it. The scenery that she describes in the second half of the book is just amazing. (Book blogger)
Fantastic page turner! 150 pages were gone in a flash and I just wanted more! (Amazon reviewer)
Addictive book with a fantastic and vivid world-building! I would definitely continue with this series. I need to know what happens next! Well written, well planned out. Reminded me a little of Hush, Hush, so if you like things like that then you should definitely check this out. (Book blogger)
Olga Gibbs has a talent for world-building. From the school yard to the heavenly architecture and natural surroundings, her settings and imagery are so vivid and cater to all five senses; it would be hard to tire from her rich descriptions. (Book blogger).



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