Heavenly Bodies

Written by Rochelle Allison
Category: · Romance

It’s summertime in Atlanta, and all Isla Kelly cares about is hanging with friends and snagging her longtime crush. But weeks before senior year starts, her mother announces they’ll be moving to a tiny island in the Caribbean to take care of her ailing grandfather. Having to leave her best friends and the only home she’s ever known is bad; having to leave her father behind, too? Awful.

But as Isla reluctantly starts adjusting to island life, she discovers that St. Croix isn’t the disaster she thought it would be. Making friends and growing closer to her mother’s side of the family, she realizes she has a place in this close-knit community. And then there’s Rigel, the fascinating boy at her new school.

Everyone knows Rigel Thomas, his reputation, and his somewhat notorious family. From the pool at school to the best beaches on the island, he makes it his mission to win Isla’s heart. But life on St. Croix isn’t all sunsets and stargazing, and as Isla is pulled deeper into Rigel’s world, she learns that some things can only be discovered by slipping far beneath the surface.



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