Harmonica for Kids: Simple Guide to Learn and Play the Diatonic Harmonica and Have Fun with Easy Songs in Tablature Notation

Written by Darren Hills
Category: · Arts & Photography


This book contains:

  • Descriptions of how harmonicas work that doesn’t go into too much detail but give the basics to kids
  • Several tablature notations of simple songs kids love that will get them playing and having fun as soon as possible
  • More detailed descriptions of how harmonica holes operate and how to blow and draw on them
  • Clearly explained step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of exercises that will improve the child’s physical health and make it easier for them to play wonderfully

The harmonica is one of the most famous instruments most people are familiar with today.

Do you know that the harmonica is one of the easiest and most fun instruments to play for children?

This book provides children and their parents with everything they need to get started with a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the C Key, and it will help them have a lot of fun while learning as well.

 It is written in a simple, clear style that can be easily understood by children, contains pictures to help them understand the instructions, practical advice that will allow them to grasp the basics of the harmonica and start making music immediately, and all presented in a friendly, cheerful manner that will ensure they are having fun!



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