Handwriting, Lettering, Graphic Drawing An Art Book For Summer From Legible to Artistic, For 1st, 2nd, 3rd Graders

Written by Derek Schuger
Category: · Arts & Photography

This is an art workbook for first, second, and third graders to enforce handwriting legibility, and learn lettering and graphic drawing. This book is designed to enhance children’s art skills, from basic legible handwriting to an artistic vision and hence the sense of creativity.
This book has 26 chapters. Each chapter begins with a tracing practice of standard letters that will enforce the understanding of legibility. And then, after a section of fine motor skill practice, it gradually progresses to lettering, the artistic formation of the letter, and graphic drawing, the foundation of the creativities. This book teaches the thought process of lettering designs and graphic drawing by mostly tracing practices. They are fun and every child can do it. At the end of the summer, your children will be refreshed with fun activities and enjoy the advanced art skills to impress friends, classmates and teachers.
The book contains: 6 unique alphabet styles, step by step lettering design process, more than 50 graphic drawing practices.

How to hold pencil or pen?3
Let’s draw an excited cat!4
Letter A5
Draw an alligator.9
Letter B10
Draw a happy bird.13
Letter C14
Draw a happy cow. 17
Letter D18
Draw a mad dog. 21
Letter E22
Draw a confused elephant.25
Letter F26
Draw a big mouth fish.29
Letter G30
Draw mom and baby giraffes.33
Letter H34
Draw a horse.37
Letter I38
Draw deer.41
Letter J42
Draw a dachshund.45
Letter K46
Draw a cat chasing a toy mouse. .49
Letter L50
Draw an angry bull.53
Letter M54
Draw a cat holding an umbrella.57
Letter N58
Draw a hungry cat looking at a fish.43
Letter O62
Draw a hippo.65
Letter P66
Draw an angry hog.69
Letter Q70
Draw rabbits.73
Letter R74
Draw a dog.76
Letter S78
Draw a boy with big teeth.81
Letter T82
Draw a girl combing her hair.85
Letter U86
Draw an A+ boy.89
Letter V90
Draw a fashion girl.93
Letter W94
Draw a boy who is reading for his elephant.97
Letter X98
Draw the beauty and the beast.101
Letter Y102
Draw good friends.105
Letter Z106
Draw Have fun 109



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