Habit: The 7 Laws Of Habits: Using Habits To Achieve Success, Happiness, And Anything You Want! (7 Laws Series, Habit, The Power of Habit, Habits For a Better Life)

Written by Brian Cagneey
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Would you like to feel:

  • Confident?
  • Attractive?
  • Powerful?
  • Productive?
  • and Excited about Your Life?

If so, you must read The 7 Laws of Habit: Using Habits to Achieve Success, Happiness, and Anything You Want. Part of the popular “7 Laws” series, this book is your guide to taking control of your unconscious, automatic actions – your habits. With the insights it shares, you can understand and regulate your bad —and good—habits.

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The 7 Laws of Habit can give you the habits for a better life! Inside this fascinating book, you’ll discover:

  • The 1st Law of Habit – The Golden Rule of Habit
  • The 2nd Law of Habit – Repetition is the Fuel
  • The 3rd Law of Habit –Think and Visualize
  • The 4th Law of Habit – Setting Goals and Measuring Habits
  • The 5th Law of Habit – Boosting New Habits with Behavior Chains
  • The 6th Law of Habit – Powerful Associations
  • The 7th Law of Habit – Eliminating the Mundane Fog of Choices

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The 7 Laws of Habit takes you on a challenging and rewarding personal journey. Built on the same foundational principles from classic books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” “The 7 Laws of Habit” will help you learn to accept your weaknesses, take responsibility for your actions, and create a positive new identity with the power of habit. We create ourselves and our personalities through the habits we develop and maintain. Let this book help you take charge of your life by gaining self-awareness, creating positive routines, and weeding out bad habits.

Along the way, you’ll learn how habits are learned and acquired through repetition and constant use. The 7 Laws of Habit explains the three-step process of habit formation, and how—with dedication and commitment—you can change your destiny. By coming to grips with your deeply embedded habits, patterns, and longings, you can make dramatic change in your life – today!

You’ll even learn the fascinating neuroscience behind habit formation and using the common “habit stacking” technique to accomplish even more!

Don’t wait another minute to free yourself from your unhealthy tendencies – grow a new crop of positive habits and explode your productivity and success today! Download The 7 Laws of Habit: Using Habits to Achieve Success, Happiness, and Anything You Want and build a better life – right away!

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