Guitar God: A Rockstar Romance

Written by Alex Wolf
Category: · Arts & Photography

Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton…

They compare me to all of them.

They throw around words and phrases:

“Virtuoso bad boy…”

“Throwback to the golden age of rock…”

I tick off all the boxes for a rock star people love to hate.

Problems with the law?


Does every drug on the planet?



Hah! I take my pick every night.

I love the music and the lifestyle. It’s all I care about. Nothing and nobody else.

The world is mine to conquer.

I don’t do relationships. Have no use for them.

I’m doing fine on my own.

Until my latest stunt pushes my manager over the edge. He’s hiring someone to look after me while I’m on tour. Their job is to keep me out of the tabloids like I’m some kind of child. This should be fun.

Kennedy pretends to want nothing to do with me, but that just won’t do.

She wants me. I know she does. Wants to know what it’s like to be with a man like me. They all do. I’ll be more than happy to oblige her fantasies.

The only problem is, I’m starting to feel something. Something more than a one-night-stand in a far away city.

I don’t want anyone else talking to her. I don’t want anyone else touching her.

She drives me insane.

I have to make a choice.

Do I want Kennedy? Or do I want to be a Guitar God?

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