Guardians of the Minecraft Galaxy

Written by Ender King
Category: · Arts & Photography

The Epic Galaxy Saga Retold in Minecraft “Story Mode”

After stealing a mysterious relic in the far reaches of outer space, Starlord from Minecraft planet, is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ivor. To help fight Ivor and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Starlord creates a team of space heroes known as the “Guardians of the Galaxy” to save the world.

“They call me Starlord. According to Meredith my mother and the rest of the villagers, I had fallen from the skies. The mysterious dark man and the relic are the keys to find out my past… the truth. And I’m not alone on this minecraft planet. There were at least five other pods that fell out of the sky on that day.”

Will I find the Guardian of the Galaxy team?
Will I destroy the Dark Man?

Only you will know…

“Guardians of the minecraft Galaxy” is like a playable television show based on my favorite game, where I am Starlord and the story I experience here is driven by the choices I MADE while on a Quest to save the Galaxy. What I experience here may be very different from yours…”



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