Gordan of Riss and the Malformed Sprite (A Madcap Fantasy Adventure Book 1)

Written by Ryan Drake
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

“Hilarious good fun!”

A drunken Pixie.
A vengeful part-orc Seer.
A power-hungry Sorcerer and his army of Orcs.
And they all want Gordan dead.

Gordan of Riss is a troublemaker and thief, but what makes him unique is his tail. He’s spent much of his life trying to find out why he has one, chasing down possible answers and causing chaos wherever he goes.

But when this sets him against a Sorcerer he’s never met, Gordan learns that even the most innocent quest can turn dangerous. Deadly, even.

Facing increasing threats to himself and those around him, Gordan will have to choose between his troublemaking ways and becoming an actual hero. And when the Sorcerer’s plans are finally revealed, he must use all his abilities just to survive – including a couple he didn’t know he had.

Will it be enough?

And will he learn what he most wants to know?

Gordan of Riss and the Malformed Sprite is the first in an exciting new humorous fantasy action adventure series written to stand beside the works of the likes of Robert Bevan, Patrick Weekes and L. G. Estrella.

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Warning: this is a light fantasy novel that was written to entertain. It’s action-packed, fun, fast and funny, and as addictive as anything.

It contains fight scenes and occasional light profanity, as well as an implied (off camera) sex scene or two. For all that, it was written to appeal to young adult audiences and up.

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