Written by J Harper

How could something as simple as a butter knife have the power to change his life forever? Glint is a fast paced adventure novel moving from present to past to present again. It is a delightful blend of history, outdoor adventure, science fiction, friendship and inspirational characters. It is written with humor, energy and insight into how the male teen brain works, and could engage even the most reluctant of readers.
 A novel written with the middle school student in mind, the story follows a 16 y.o. boy named Dan in the current day as he finds an antique butter knife that causes him to time travel. Dan’s discovery sends him and his two best friends, Ritchie and Jesse, on an adventure they will never forget after Dan watches a young couple bury their valuable items during the impending Battle of Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee in November 1863, and is convinced he and his friends can find the “buried treasure” in their present day world. Rock climbing, hiking, friendship, family, history and science fiction tie the story together in an organic way, and it flows naturally. The teenagers test their mettle with the dangerous sport of rock climbing and treasure hunting while in another century; a young couple dodges the assaultive forces of the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil War.



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