Girl Clown Hatchet: A Novel (Girl Clown Hatchet Suspense Series Book 1)

Written by Mav Skye
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

This is what I know about fear.

Fear changes you. Fear rules your life. Fear drives you crazy.

It does all these things until you conquer it. If you do not conquer fear, it will conquer you.This is what I know now, to conquer the beast one must become the beast.
I wish I could forget everything that has happened this summer. No one is who I thought they were. Not even me.
My name is Chloe Sevenstars. I’m your average Native American teen living out the American dream in a trashy trailer court with my elderly mother. Well, average other than the fact that I’ve been stalked by a clown my entire life. Mr. Jingles carries a hatchet, waiting the right moment to use it on me. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. They are probably right, but I’m tired of being afraid.

I won’t run anymore.

Even if I have to get a hatchet of my own.

Girl. Clown. Hatchet.


Fans of Stephen King’s best selling horror book It and Pennywise will love this haunting clown story.



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