Ghost Dancer (A Howard Moon Deer Mystery Book 1)

Written by Robert Westbrook

“Fans of Hillerman will love this unique and quirky detective duo.”
—Leslie Glass, bestselling author of Judging Time

A Native American working on his Ph.D.

A cop blinded in the line of duty.
A chic resort’s only hope to stop a killer cold in his tracks.

A Howard Moon Deer Mystery

Once a land of Pueblo dwellers, the town of San Geronimo Peak, New Mexico, is prime ski country. P.I. Howard Moon Deer and ex-cop Jack Wilder are headed there to meet their first client—a former U.S. senator and the ski slope’s owner. Instead, they find his body—and a murder case to solve.

Overrun with pleasure seekers, plunderers, and fanatics, San Geronimo has no shortage of suspects. But investigating the senator’s two very different daughters, his political enemies, and his complex business dealings leads only to false clues. Then the senator’s granddaughter is kidnapped—and the new detectives are plunged into a dangerous race for a little girl’s life…and for their own.

“Terrific…I couldn’t put it down.”
—Margaret Truman, author of Murder at the Watergate

“A clever, sexy, modern mystery. Imagine Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin
in contemporary New Mexico. I look forward to more
adventures for this engaging team.”
—Tom Savage, author of The Inheritance



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