Fun Stories For Your Drive To Work

Written by R. Scott Murphy

Your job’s a mess, your traffic stinks, and you didn’t win Powerball. Here’s a little help (that’s what Michael Scott said). This book is for anyone that enjoys humor and entertainment short reads, plus anyone that has ever said, “More cowbell!” It’s the first book in the Fun Stories series. Each book is its own stand-alone, sensibly priced collection of attitudes, anecdotes and musings. Reviewers say this book is “fun, college type humor,” “a fun bunch of random ideas,” “very funny and on point,” and “laugh out loud funny.” Conversely, one person called it “silly, not that funny.” Your mileage may vary. Consult a doctor if your symptoms last more than four hours. No animals were harmed in the making of this description.

If you enjoy humor that is observational, absurdist, self-deprecating, sarcastic, and laced with wacky deconstruction and unpredictable rhythms, Fun Stories is for you. If you don’t enjoy silly humor, do not download this book and report directly to the Soup Nazi.

Click the audio sample located under the book’s cover and listen to “Chick-fil-A Makes Me Feel Like Leonardo DiCaprio.” The track hit #1 on iTunes Comedy and is a good yardstick for whether you will enjoy the Fun Stories series of eBooks, audiobooks and iTunes releases. Practice saying “my pleasure” after you listen.

Popular chapters from this first book include “I’m the Freakin’ Michael Phelps of Googling,” “Shamelessly Suggestive City Names,” “Happy Friday (Mr. Pee Man),” “Mind Game of Thrones,” and “Ferris Bueller Time.” Many of the audio versions for these chapters have charted on iTunes.

Are you still reading? OK, here is more information. Part storyteller, part game show host, part DJ, part madcap tour guide, R. Scott Murphy shares embarrassing work stories, conducts crazy countdowns, sets out on silly Google safaris, and invites your participation through his interactive storytelling game called Mental Kickball.

Still reading? Murphy is an accomplished radio & TV personality, game show producer, author, and four-time winner of the “Late Show With David Letterman” Top Ten List Contest. Many say he takes random fun to the next level. Nine out of 10 doctors say Murphy watches too much TV. There is no truth to the rumor that he tried to change his middle name to “Google.”

•TOP FIVE THEATER:  Count down the “Top Five Shamefully Suggestive City Names”
•SILLY SURVEY:  Is Starbucks more popular than deodorant in your office?
•FUN EDUCATION:  Turn an uneasy meeting with a man peeing in the alley into a valuable life lesson
•COMMUTER EMPOWERMENT:  Learn the best ways to make fun of other motorists and give Clown Commuter Awards
•UPLIFTING ADVENTURE:  How Chick-fil-A makes Scott feel like Leonardo DiCaprio
•VISIT A WORLD OF SUPERHEROES:  Proof positive that Scott is “The Freakin’ Michael Phelps of Googling”
•SECRET OFFICE TIPS:  How to successfully plant decoy food in your work refrigerator

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FUN FACT: Supercool, the 800-pound gorilla logo for Mental Kickball appears in some form on all of the covers for Scott’s books and albums. You can see Supercool in the rearview mirror on this cover.

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