Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook: 20 Easy Dishes (Jeen’s favorite Rice Recipes Book 2)

Written by Jeen van der Meer

Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook – 20 Easy Dishes

The second book of the series “Jeen’s Favorite Rice Recipes”

This cookbook contains 20 easy fried rice recipes from the basics to unique
twists. This is an excellent way to incorporate rice into your meal
planning without a lot of fuss.

Rice is very healthy for the body giving good energy. Most of the recipes call for brown rice,
which is the healthier choice because it has the rice bran intact.

This is where most of the nutrients are and it gives the rice a mild nutty texture and flavor when fried.

The other rice called for is jasmine rice which is “the fragrant rice” found in many Thai dishes.

Some of the delicious recipes included in this Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook:

  • Dirty Rice with Pork,
  • Fried Rice with Pineapples,
  • Fried Rice Kimchi Style,
  • Vegetable Stir Fried Rice,
  • Apple Cherry Fried Rice,
  • Lychee Raisin Fried Rice with Cashews,
  • Hawaiian Fried Rice,
  • Italian Fried Rice Balls,
  • Chinese Fried Rice,
  • Spicy Chicken Fried Rice,
  • and a lovely Vegetarian Fried Rice.

There are recipes to fit every style and flavor. Many are delicious as a main
dish or as a hearty side dish. Some make great appetizers and wonderful
for rice restaurant style meals.

You are bound to find your favorite spice and flavor here, which always goes well with rice.

Turn a simple rice dish into a flavor extravaganza with these fried rice recipes



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