Fortress (The Swordmaster Trilogy Book 1)

Written by Rutger Krenn
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Ten warriors hunt a lone man. He flees … and plunges headlong into an epic quest of even greater danger.

Talon, ruthlessly pursued by the warrior band, returns to the land of his birth. He finds it threatened by an army. The mountain fortress that guards the narrow pass into the realm is undermanned. Worse, the kingdom’s soldiers are fighting a battle on another front. There are no reinforcements.

The fortress will fall. When it does, the enemy will ravage an unprotected kingdom. Talon risks his life to bring word to allies who might help. But to reach them, he must somehow pass through the very army set to destroy the kingdom.

Danger and dark magic beset him at every step. The road to safety is long, and the hope of success is short. Yet he finds an unexpected ally. A girl of striking courage helps him, and he falls in love with her. But if his quest fails, only smoke and ash will remain of the future they might have shared.

Previously released as Fortress of the Forgotten. This is a remastered and expanded edition.



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