Forgotten Victory: The First World War: Myths and Realities

Written by Gary Sheffield
Category: · History

The First World War is arguably the most misunderstood event in twentieth century history.

In this classic book, the leading military historian Professor Gary Sheffield argues that while the war was certainly tragic, it was not futile; and although frequently condemned as ‘lions led by donkeys’, in reality the British citizen army became a highly effective fighting force, which in 1918 won the greatest series of victories in British military history.

Forgotten Victory, first published in 2001 is a challenging and controversial book. It was described in 2013 by Professor David Reynolds as ‘the most significant of the revisionist works’ on the British Army in the First World War.

While it does not underestimate the scale of the human tragedy or play down the disasters, it explodes many myths about the war, placing it in its true historical context.

For this new edition, Forgotten Victory has been updated with a new chapter.

‘Outstanding… for any student of the First World War, particularly beginners, this is essential reading’ Sir Michael Howard, Royal United Services Institute Journal

‘This is revisionist history at its best – thought provoking and original’ , Trevor Royle, Sunday Herald

‘A remarkable and masterful book’ , Tim Newark, Military Illustrated

‘One can only hope that [Gary Sheffield’s] compassionate, clearly argued book will displace the [mythical] version’ David Horspool, Guardian

‘Gary Sheffield’s Forgotten Victory … is essential reading …and an essential corrective to the way [the First World War] is “taught” in many schools. Tragic – yes, but futile -no; wasteful – yes, but unnecessary – no’, Alan Judd, Sunday Telegraph

Gary Sheffield is an English academic at the University of Wolverhampton and a military historian. He has published widely, especially on the First World War, and contributes to many newspapers, journals and magazines.

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