Force of Eagles

Written by Richard Herman


281 American POWs were taken captive when the US pulled out of the country.

Now the US is assembling a Force of Eagles to bring them home.

The POWs, including one woman, have become the latest bargaining chip in Middle Eastern politics.

The rescue team includes ace fighter pilot Jack Locke, his weapons system officer, “Thunder” Bryant, Colonel Rupert Stansell, and General Lawrence “Sundown” Cunningham – and a company of Rangers.

The Ranger’s Command Sergeant Major, Victor Kamigami, soon proves he is a force in himself.

The mission becomes a race against a thirty-day deadline as a sadistic prison commandant works to break his captives’ will.

From behind enemy lines, to the back corridors of the Pentagon, the White House, and CIA headquarters, ‘Force of Eagles’ builds to a white-hot climax as the rescue team battles for control of the prison and the airfield critical to bringing the POWs home.

‘An imaginative action story told to perfection’ – Clive Cussler

‘Truly edge-of-the-seat exciting’ – Dale Brown, author of Flight of the Old Dog

‘This is the sharp end, with vivid descriptions of air combat, the smell of hot oil and fear’ –The Times

‘A really fast-moving air force adventure story, with some superb action scenes which glue you to your seat’ – Bookseller

‘Gripping story…service politics, aerial combat and sharply drawn characterisation combine to make a first rate action novel’ – Yorkshire Evening Post

Richard Herman is a retired Air Force officer who flew C-130s and F-4s. While on active duty, he logged over 240 combat missions. He also taught at the Air Force Academy and served as an operations plans officer. After retiring, he turned to writing about the aircraft he loves, and is the author of fourteen novels – including critically acclaimed ‘The Warbirds’ and ‘Power Curve’.

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