Five Little Peppers – The Complete Collection: All Twelve Books By Margaret Sidney

Written by Margaret Sidney
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All Twelve of the “Five Little Peppers” Books in One Volume – The Only Complete Collection!

Including Every Title From Margaret Sidney’s Much-Loved Series

Margaret Sidney’s wonderful tales of the Pepper family growing up together in the ‘Little Brown House” have charmed readers of all ages for many decades. Under the loving care of the hard-working widow ‘Mamsie’ Pepper, the Five Little Peppers get into adventures and scrapes, but always benefit from being together as one happy family. There’s Ben and Polly, the elder of the two Peppers, Joel and Davie the two little boys, and lovely baby Phronsie, the darling of the family. Between them they grow up, fall in love and eventually have children of their own – filling the Little Brown house with another generation of happiness and laughter.

This comprehensive collection contains all 12 of the “Five Little Peppers’ books in one beautifully formatted volume

Included in ‘Five Little Peppers – the Complete Collection’ are:

  • All twelve ‘Five Little Peppers’ Books by Margaret Sidney – published in consecutive order.
  • An interactive table of contents with specific entries for every chapter of each individual book.
  • Perfect formatting to avoid errors commonly found in some ebook collections.

˃˃˃ Twelve Complete Works

All twelve of Margaret Sidney’s “Five Little Pepper” books, published in order and unabridged. Books included:

– Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

– Five Little Peppers Midway

– Five Little Peppers Grown Up

– Phronsie Pepper

– The Stories Polly Pepper Told

– The Adventures of Joel Pepper

– Five Little Peppers Abroad

– Five Little Peppers at School

– Five Little Peppers and Their Friends

– Ben Pepper

– Five Little Peppers in the Little Brown House

– Our Davie Pepper



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