Finding a Job in the 21st Century | How to Find a Job Without Losing Yer Frickin’ Mind: (Career Hacking Series Book 1)

Written by Benjamin Paul
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Think finding a job is impossible these days? (Or just plain harder than it should be?)

Want some modern, 21st-century tips for how to find a job not only pays the bills but…actually…you know…fulfills your frickin’ soul?

Looking for some career hacking shortcuts to get you to the front of the kick-ass career line? (Without standing in line for hours like some unemployed schmuck?)

Despair no longer, JOB SEEKER! Because in

Finding a Job in the 21st Century – (Career Hacking Series Vol.1) you’ll learn, in this no-nonsense career advice guide from a veteran recruiter and HR professional, such invaluable strategies as:

  • “Jedi Mind Tricks for Job Seekers” – Here we show you a crucial set of mindset job hunting tips that will help you understand what employers are REALLY looking for. (And it’s different from what you’ve heard before.)
  • “6 Pillars of Job Search Awesomeness” – This is where you discover the job seeker tools you’ll need to prime yourself for maximum career search awesomeness.
  • “How to Conquer the World One Blog at a Time” – Want to know how to position yourself as a huge expert, even if you don’t know crap about your industry. (And you’ve only got 10 minutes a day to spare.) This chapter will show you how.
  • “Your Job Search, 140 Characters at a Time” – Here’s where we go over using Twitter. Yes, I know it’s a social network with no attention span, but it can actually be a huge career change catalyst, if you use it right. (And a great way to connect with employers and recruiters!)
  • “The Strange and Mysterious World of LinkedIn” – This is where we pull back the curtain on this necessary but often misused part of your job search. Not only will you learn how to find a job on LinkedIn, but learn the valuable skills to build a powerful professional image that will serve you decades to come.
  • “How Facebook Can Help You Like Your Way to a New Job” – Facebook gets a bad rap as a job seeking tool but here we’ll show you how, what and when to post on Facebook for the best job seeking effect.
  • “Super-Advanced Cool Ninja Job Search Tricks” – These are so powerful, we saved ’em for the last chapter, but we’re sure you’re gonna love ’em and that they’ll provide your job search some much-needed juice.

So, DOWNLOAD¬†Finding a Job in the 21st Century – (Career Hacking Series Vol.1) TODAY…

Might change your life…and your bank account.

Don’t believe us?¬†


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– Martin

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