Fifty Shades of Lady Catherine Grey: The sex scandals that shook the Tudor court

Written by T.S Wiseman
Category: · History

Sex. If there was one thing the Tudor’s did well, it was sex!

Sex and beheading traitors; although rarely at the same time.

With well over one hundred years on the throne, the Tudor dynasty experienced its far share of sex scandals. This book looks at some of the more interesting and significant ones and explores the issues around them in a fun, non heavy way.

Among the Tudor sex scandals covered :

The near disastrous relationship between a fourteen-year old Tudor princess and her stepmother’s handsome new husband. The relationship that could have left the future virgin queen with child.

The lust and spellbinding stupidity of a teenage queen and one of the Tudor king’s most trusted men.

The clandestine marriage between the king’s sister and his best friend. But was it really all Henry VIII’s idea to get his hands on a fortune?

How the heir presumptive to the English throne defied the queen and managed to get with child while prisoner in the Tower of London.

The teenage mistress that captivated Henry VIII for far longer than five of his queens.

The most infamous sex scandal of the Tudor age. The scandal that common sense tells us didn’t happen, but left the scaffold awash with blood.

This is a little book that you can enjoy in your lunch hour. If you find you enjoy it you can read some heavier volumes by other authors in the future.



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