Fat Man’s Essential 40 Plant-Based Recipes: Quick and Easy Plant-Based Food (Fat Man’s Recipes Book 1)

Written by Tim Kaufman

I have had an amazing transformation in my life by switching to a whole food plant-based diet. Eating this way has taken me from a hopeless addict that was over 400 pounds and almost immobile to a thriving, happy, and healthy athlete. My favorite part of this journey is that I have the privilege to help other people realize that this transformation is out there for anyone willing to take their health back. Change is a decision, nothing more.
I have never had an interest in writing recipes or teaching cooking classes but I am realizing that is exactly what people need to get started with their own journeys.
My recipes are about as simple as you can get with as few ingredients as possible. Life is too amazing to spend the day in the kitchen. I am writing these specifically to help people have easy recipes as they transition to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. My hope is that this will be a guide for someone to see how easy it is to eat simple, cheap, and tasty meals without becoming a chef. It’s actually quite easy to make healthy meals on a budget and it’s not as time consuming as people think.
I hope you enjoy my ideas and I hope they give you the confidence that you can start coming up with your own ideas and recipes that you love.
Here’s a few of the recipes you will find:
– Chicken Wing Hummus Dip
– BBQ “Meat”Ballz
– Quinoa Corn Fritters
– Sloppy Toes
– “Cheesy” Onion Tater Cubes
– Veggie Burger Base
– Peaches For Me Oats
– Nannercakes
– Eat Like A Peasant Feel Like A King Rice
– Creamy Dill Dressing
– Creamy Italian Dressing
– Blueberry Muffins
– Quinoa and Chunky Marinara
– Smokey Santa Fe Green Topper
– Kickin’ Sweet Hot and Smokey Sauce
– Cashew Cheese Sauce
– Snack Peas with a Punch
– Crispy Tater Chips
– Garden Gravy
– Minestrone Soup
– Smoky Cauliflower Chili

The next book (Fat Man’s Not So Fancy 40) will be out in July 2018 and is available for pre-order if you are interested.



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