Fast Track Your Success: Unlock Your Inner Potential, Level-Up Your Mental Game, Learn Effective Tools of High Achievers and Lead a Life of Success, Fulfillment & Happiness

Written by Som Bathla
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Relish Quality Goals to Achieve Success with Fulfilment, Take Control of Your Inner State, Accelerate Your Action Triggers, and Achieve Your Goals Faster.

What if you are able to take decisions faster by developing your thinking abilities through mental models (used by super-achievers)? What if you are able to Master your inner state on consistent basis to propel you towards massive action?

Imagine getting pulled by your decisions rather than forcing your willpower to move your next step. Imagine having mental strength to keep going despite temporary setbacks through the power of mental training.

If you are fed up with setting up goals that don’t motivate you to move forward, If you wonder why despite your best efforts, you miss out the game marginally, If you always struggle and look for additional dose of motivation for taking every next step, keep reading, as you are about to find the answers below.

Amazon Bestselling Author Som Bathla offers to address your concerns and equip you with necessary tools in his book “FAST-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS

FAST-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS explains why most people don’t get excited to take action despite setting goals – because of quality of their goals. It focuses on holistic approach towards success that gives you fulfillment too. This book is your toolbox to help you set the quality goals, develop your mental tools, empower you to harness your natural inner powers and help you achieve your goals faster.

In FAST-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS, you will discover:

  • Why you should first listen understand your inner true motivation before you set your goals.

  • Why identifying and embracing your identity massively improves the quality of your actions and keeps you on track for longer.

  • The four zones of your day to day activities and identify and travel towards your top zone i.e. Zone of Genius.

  • The most important Three ‘S’ of Success and why you need to strengthen all of them to get exponential advantage and improve your productivity massively

  • Master the simple RWID technique to Reprogram your mind and transform your negative thinking into resourceful thoughts.

  • The mental tools and strategies high-achievers use to improve their effectiveness in decision making abilities– because more decisions equals more action, thus faster results.

  • You will understand why solely relying on your willpower is not a good idea.

  • How Obsession and not merely passion will almost guarantee your faster progress and success.

  • And much more.

If you are sincerely looking to learn the right strategies to set quality goals and also progress faster to achieve them too, FAST-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS contains all the requisite tools to master your inner state and empower you to take consistent massive action, improve your productivity and achieve your goals faster.

As once rightly said by Stephen Covey:

“Begin With the End in Mind”

So, what are your waiting for?

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