FARM ANIMAL:”TWIGGY PIGGY”:Beginner readers, early learning readers, Children’s picture book 4-8, Bedtime Story(Animal Story book)book for kids, Fantasy, … Manners, friendship (BIG LITTLE FARM 3)

Written by Tina Rantes
Category: · Children’s Books

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
In a faraway valley with green fields and trees,
The grapes in the vineyards sway in the breeze.
Hiding among the trees is an animal farm,
Friendly, peaceful and full of special charm.
Colored flowers bloom, their fragrance in the air,
What new adventure awaits the animals there?
* * * *
Children will love the amusing stories about the: FARM ANIMALS
They will also enjoy the colorful pictures and the rhymes too,
But most importantly they will learn the value of- SHARING IS CARING
I hope you and your kids will enjoy the story and learn from it <3



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