Falling Off the Family Tree

Written by Judith Harch

Sean Kinnarney, headstrong son of Irish immigrants and Ana Lapinski, beautiful, self-absorbed daughter of Polish immigrants, ignite a far-reaching fire when their worlds collide. Sean’s recklessness and Ana’s sense of entitlement create a family secret that comes home to roost in the following generation. Sean’s trail of sins and Ana’s deceit and thirst for revenge lead to disaster for each of them.

It is 1936. Emotionally deserted by distraught parents after the death of his baby sister, Sean refuses to abandon his father’s forsaken American dream. Left to his own devices, the young man travels a road strewn with bad choices and risky behavior. Trapped into marriage and unexpected parenthood at a young age, Sean begins down a path of destruction – first stop – Ana Lapinski.

Ana Lapinski is born with the gift of beauty. Her old-world parents are incapable of reigning in their willful, wild child. Time and again, Ana effectively abuses her God-given gift as a means to whatever end she desires – with one exception – Sean Kinnarney.

FALLING OFF THE FAMILY TREE is a three-generation saga told against the backdrop of the first 70 years of the 20th century. The story moves from southern New Jersey to the wealthy suburban enclaves of the Main Line outside Philadelphia. It ends in tragedy on the Chesapeake Bay.



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