Fake It For Me: A Fake Fiance Romance

Written by Kira Blakely

Did he really just ask me to marry him?
The “King” from our high school days?

He’s got balls of steel, I’ll give him that.
Cocky bast@rd took my virg$nity when we were young.
Not that I minded. That chiseled jaw and those rock-hard abs could make me do just about anything.
And the whole single dad thing makes me want to lap him up like banana split.
So, I’ll play the fiancée.
But his kisses don’t feel fake. And my heart is pounding way too hard.
I’m trying to keep it superficial, but Conner Rex is stretching me beyond my comfort zone.
New York’s most eligible surgeon isn’t just breaking down my walls.
He’s kicking them in, pushing his way through, and taking what’s his.
One month to fake it. One month to convince myself he doesn’t love me. One month before he asks me…



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