Fae Collector (Book 1)

Written by Noah Fox
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Why do the prettiest girls always have the biggest secrets?

No one told Axel Harkins that he belonged at the center of a centuries’ old war between the magical races that lived in shadow. No one told him that he would gather a growing team of sexy, powerful women to help him unlock the near-limitless magic potential that was his birthright. No one told him he would lead a revolution.

When the love of his life goes missing and her hot, headstrong ex-girlfriend comes to his aid, it’s time for some answers. Magic. Blood. Sex. Power. It all pulls him and the women he loves into a maelstrom of government conspiracy, mad science, supernatural bloodlines, and insatiable desire where vampires, elves, and goblins are as deadly toward each other as they are toward the humans that hunt them.

No one told Axel he was fighting for his life. Now that he knows, no one’s will be the same.

WARNING: This book contains swearing, violence, gunplay, indoor sex, outdoor sex, sad things like final exams and murder, prison fights, dastardly medical experiments, a jackass football player, crime, dead parents, flashbacks, blood-letting, a high-speed chase, a prison break, and heavy petting in an enchanted car that’s going way too fast.



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