Experience Thinking: Creating Connected Experiences

Written by Tedde van Gelderen
Category: · Arts & Photography

People don’t just buy products and services; they buy experiences. From the instant they recognize a need to the point when they’re ready to toss an older model for a new one, every moment of interaction with your organization matters. Therefore, to be successful, you must develop an experience with its entire lifecycle in mind—a holistic approach that will ensure you deliver end to end.

Drawing on wisdom from over two decades as an Experience Architect, Tedde van Gelderen has developed Experience Thinking: a design and insights framework that looks at the end-to-end elements of a service or product experience to create exceptional results. Focused on five key perspectives—brand, engagement, content, product, and service—Experience Thinking embraces people in every aspect of the design process, ensuring that the audience’s needs are met each step of the way. Through the right mix of strategizing, researching, designing, and testing, the Experience Thinking framework helps get better experiences to market successfully while simultaneously ensuring long-term enjoyment.

No matter what you’re looking to create, Experience Thinking is a must-have guide to delivering cohesive, remarkable experiences that will delight long after the initial encounter.



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