Evolution Z: Stage One (An apocalypse zombie survival thriller Book 1)

Written by David Bourne
Category: · Children’s Books

Evolution Z – Stage One! A Zombie Novel in the Vein of “The Walking Dead”

After a dramatic plane crash in the wilds of Maine, the survivors of Augusta Airline Flight 303 believe the worst is behind them. Captain Raymond Thompson organizes the group and attempts to get help, but soon it becomes clear that our familiar world has ceased to exist. Everything seems to fall apart, and no one knows the source of the catastrophe. However, the survivors soon learn a basic truth: If you make even one mistake, you pay with your life and become one of “them”…

An absolute must for all fans of “The Walking Dead”!

This exciting zombie apocalypse thriller is a perfect fit for all fans of Manuel Loureiro, Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Mark Tufo!

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