Everything But a Wedding (Everything But…Series Book 3)

Written by Holly Jacobs
Category: · Romance

Every Hungarian Grandma knows that words have power. Nana Salo never meant the words she said in anger to become a family curse, but that’s just what happened. Two grandchildren have found love, but not managed to break the curse. Nana’s last hope is Dori, who promises to help her break the curse when she marries…if she marries. Okay, so Dori doesn’t plan to ever marry. So there’s no worry about not being able to keep her promise. Enter Carter William Hastings. He’s pretending to be an interior designer in order to help his cousin, CeCe. Who could have predicted that this ruse would end with his developing feelings for the contractor, Dori Salo? But Dori knows him as Bill Hastings–what chance does an ordinary guy like Bill Hastings have with her?
Bill and Dori might figure out that their relationship is more than just business–and might even be love–but will they be able to break Nana’s curse?



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