Employment Interview With A Vampire: A Three Part Funny Vampire Novella (Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles Book 1)

Written by J Bennett

This hilarious three-part paranormal novella will change everything you thought you knew about vampires

Can Deidre make it as a vampire’s housekeeper? To find out, she’ll first have to survive the job interview!

At the age of 24, Deidre finds herself unemployed with few job skills and a growing pile of overdue bills. When a perky career counselor suggests an open housekeeping position, Deidre knows this could be her only chance for a decent job.

She doesn’t bother asking many questions…

Deidre is in for a very unpleasant surprise. Not only is her perspective boss a vampire, but he’s also cranky, adamantly prefers the telegraph over the telephone, and gets dangerous when his prune juice isn’t delivered on time.

Oh, and he also has a strong fondness for another kind of liquid refreshment, one that he prefers warm and fresh!

Deidre’s employment interview with a vampire is only the start of her supernatural adventures. Follow her through three hilarious stories, as she valiantly confronts an elderly vampire slayer, stays one step ahead of the resident ghosts, and protects her boss against the worst monster of them all – the notorious gold digger!

See what readers are saying about The Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles:

>>> Although undead, Nathanial is a fresh take on the genre, and the Chronicles are quite enjoyable.

>>> How much fun is this? Well lots actually.

>>> A very funny short story that gives reading about vampires a delightful and refreshing twist.

If you think your boss is a blood sucker, give this funny vampire novella a try.
* Employment Interview with a Vampire
* The Vampire Hunter Comes to Call
* Duel with the Werefrog

No one does funny vampires and paranormal humor like J. Bennett.



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