Elvage (Undraland Book 4)

Written by Mary E. Twomey
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Lucy and her Merry Band of Thieves are certain that if they can survive the farlig fisk, nothing is too great to tear them apart. They never counted on their ship landing in Bedra, a land filled with women who use lavender powder to suck the wills from the strongest of men. Jens faces his greatest test as he tries to make it out of Bedra unscathed by the manipulative Mares.
Tensions run high as laplanding takes Lucy and Jamie to a whole new level of angst that they must work through together. Foss sheds more layers of his Depravity of Man curse, catching Lucy’s eye as they trek through Undraland on their way to tear down the last portal in Elvage. Charles Mace stands by his sister’s side as her Uncle Rick makes an executive decision that changes Lucy’s life forever.

This is a 9-part Adult Urban Fantasy Series based in Norse Mythology
Reading Order:
The Other Side
Lucy at Peace
Lucy at War
Lucy at Last
Linus at Large

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