Economics Through Everyday Life: From China and Chili Dogs to Marx and Marijuana

Written by Anthony Clark PhD
Category: · Business & Money


What Is Economics And Why Does It Matter?

Could the United States experience another Great Depression? Is the Social Security program doomed for future generations? What, exactly, do economists do anyway? Economics is not only for academics or Wall Street titans. If you’re curious about how the economy functions and don’t know where to start, Economics will guide you through the essentials, laying out the basic concepts and issues in the field of economics, from business cycles and free markets to social security and healthcare reform, and more.

Packed with eye-opening information, key concepts, and need-to-know terms, this easy-to-read primer lets you explore economics at your own pace. Get a straightforward overview of the economy that’s stripped of overwhelming jargon, so you can gain a deeper understanding of economics as it applies to everyday life. You’ll review important background on differing economic schools of thought—from influential theories to the main thinkers driving them—so you can develop your own conclusions.

Economics features:

  • An overview of markets and how they operate
  • A review of broad themes—like taxes, inequality, and jobs—as they apply to everyday life
  • Explorations of business cycles covering what happens during a recession
  • Useful timelines and real-world stories that help you travel the world of economics



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