Earthless: The Survivors Series #1

Written by Jason Letts
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In 2166, Earth was destroyed. It wasn’t an alien spacefleet firing from above. It was a bomb planted in the center of the planet before humanity even existed. In an instant, the human population dropped from 11 billion to 1,066.

I’m Loris Roderick, set to take command of the Magellan space station. I didn’t know I was to become the de facto leader of our species when its survival hung by a thread.

We should run, hide in some corner of the galaxy to eke out what existence we can. But I’d rather we get our revenge.

Earthless is the first book in the Survivors series and is 60,000 words long. Sightless: The Survivors Series #2 is now available for Pre-Order!



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