Dysfunctional Series: Books 1-3 (Origins, Dark Imagination, A Mighty Long Fall)

Written by McKenzie Rae
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Evil comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to three kids, brought together by extraordinary circumstances, to save their school from a monster hiding in plain sight…before it finds them.

When Theo Aldrige loses his family in a gruesome murder, he sinks into a bottomless pit of depression. After a failed suicide attempt, he meets Sally and Reuben – classmates of his who are also in dire straits. Sally is dying of a rare disease that steals her sleep, and Reuben is struggling to relate to the people around him while hiding the darkness of his home life. One day, the three unintentionally discover that they’ve acquired powers that seem to fix their worst flaws. Where did these abilities come from? And how do they control their newfound powers without being exposed?

While trying to make sense of these changes, the new friends come across a disturbing secret in their very own high school. A force of destruction that only Theo, Sally, and Reuben can stop.

“Within this tale is a cast of characters with intensely unique voices and personas; each one radiating their own desires so clearly, you would think they were all written by different people. Their behaviors, their speech patterns, even their thoughts are so independent of one another, it really brings you in to the story. Speaking of story; rich with drama, speckled with dark humor, and spun together with delightful insanity. The plot never lagged or faltered, and the flow was immaculate in build up and conclusion! I am completely and totally impressed with the genuine and incredibly unique concept that was presented; It isn’t your average fantasy or young adult or science fiction. This is a riveting, urban legend bordering on cult classic level creepiness. It was an absolute delight to read, I was on the edge of my seat, frantically clicking ‘next chapter’ with urgency each time there was a pause to the narrative! It does not relieve me enough that there is a sequel – because I will read the heck out of that too! Thanks for making something that haunted me. I loved it!” – Jessica Manna



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